To make sure we can help you as an agricultural entrepreneur take care of your administration and to give you proper advise, we employ a team of agricultural specialists. The agricultural team consists of eight people in different disciplines, with a fiscal department, a payroll department and a department that takes care of the financial statements. The amount of changes in our team is low, so you will most likely have one permanent contact at our company. Because of our extended network and years of experience, we have specialist knowledge in sectors like agriculture, dairy farms and flower bulbs, to name a few.

Agricultural services

On top of common activities, such as preparing financial statements, VAT declaration and income tax, we can also help you with the following subjects:

  • Advice on specific fiscal questions, such as revaluation of farmland in regard to agricultural exemption
  • VAT questions, such as opting for VAT regulation and applying agricultural arrangements
  • Payroll administration and advice specifically for agricultural collective agreements and seasonal workers
  • Business transfers
  • Subsidies, such as the regulation for young farmers, integral ecological stables, deduction for environmental investments, writing off of environmental investments and energy investments deductions
  • Combined declaration
  • Payment entitlements
  • Manure policy and dairy law
  • Lease right
  • Business plans
  • Financing questions
  • Benchmark numbers
  • liquidity budget

We periodically send a agricultural newsletter to our clients. You will also receive a general newsletter with information about salary, sales tax and other topicalities. Are you interested in our newsletters, our services or a meeting, without further obligations, don’t hesitate to contact  us.

You can also send an email to and reach us via our phone number: 0227-504050.