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Starter Guidance

The business plan. Financing applications. The tax authorities. There is quite a lot involved when starting your own business. Perhaps you have already experienced that. It is precisely in this phase that it is essential to tackle matters thoroughly. We are happy to support you with your first steps on the entrepreneur’s path and all this at a very competitive starter rate. Ask about what we can offer you.

A selection from our start-up guidance:

  • support in the preparation of a business plan and business strategy;
  • guidance in choosing a legal form;
  • perform a market or industry analysis;
  • advising on tax benefits (tax deductions, exemptions, etc.);
  • registering the company with various authorities (such as the Tax Authorities and executive institutions, etc.);
  • function as an expert interlocutor in financing applications at a bank;
  • set up a financial and / or payroll administration.

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