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Subsidy check

A subsidy check can show whether you are entitled to a subsidy. When applying for the subsidy, a golden rule applies: Do not request this for the subsidy itself, but because you believe it is important for the further development of your company. Subsidy schemes change with the laws, which also changes the right to subsidy.

A subsidy provider may also require you to have a subsidy check carried out, resulting in a report with an auditor’s report. In this case, the subsidy check therefore indicates whether the subsidy received was justified.

The experienced specialists of Silvis & Vos Accountants and Tax Advisors are happy to perform a good subsidy check for you and can help you to take the right “subsidy path”.


A subsidy check gives you clarity

Whether you are eligible for a subsidy is difficult to determine without a subsidy check. A few indications can be given. It is worth having a subsidy check carried out by our specialists if your production company regularly develops new production methods or products, if you intend to recruit new staff via UWV WORK COMPANY or if you have plans to work with another person in an EC country-based company to do research. It is also highly advisable to have a subsidy check carried out if you want to collaborate with a company from former Eastern Europe or if research or an investment is required to reduce / limit energy consumption and environmental nuisance.


A professional subsidy check can provide a clear picture of the possibilities for applying for a subsidy or subsidies. The specialists at Silvis & Vos Accountants and Tax Advisors are happy to perform this subsidy check for you. Do you want more information or are you interested in an appointment? Then contact us without obligation.

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