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Become a client?

Feel free to contact us without obligation. Whatever business phase or industry you are in: we are happy to advise and support you from start to finish. Everyone is welcome. 

Our client base – which is spread throughout the Netherlands and is also active abroad – is very broad and diverse. Partly because of this, we have knowledge of several sectors in-house.

A selection from our client wallet:

  • (charitable) foundations and associations
  • Agricultural sector
  • Car industry
  • Bakeries
  • Construction industry in general
  • Retail
  • Graphic industry
  • Wholesale
  • catering industry
  • Medical professions
  • Metallurgy
  • Ship-building
  • Butcher shops
  • Employment agencies
  • Free professionals
  • Road transport
  • Wind energy
  • Business services / consultancy firms
  • Healthcare institutions