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Accountant Robbenplaat, Twisk or Abbekerk

An accountancy firm in Abbekerk, Twisk or Robbenplaat?

An accountant like Silvis & Vos Accountants is your financial professional and expert  

The partners and employees of Silvis & Vos are all entrepreneurs. This is pleasant for your company in Abbekerk, Twisk or Robbenplaat, because an accountancy firm without enterprising advisors can be unpleasant for an entrepreneur. We know from our own entrepreneurial experience what you are up against. Depending on your wishes, we are your accountant, but we can also offer a financial services package complete with tax and payroll administration.

What you need we can offer as a medium-sized office. Unique for Silvis & Vos is that we can be your financial coach as well as an accountancy firm for your company in Twisk or Abbekerk. This coach is not a grade man or woman but encourages, guides, relieves and pulls out all the stops to sail a clear financial course. Then you can quickly get back to work doing business on, for example, the Robbenplaat and let us, as your accountant, take care of the financial statements.

On the website you will find more information. You will also receive this information by means of a non-binding introductory meeting. We would like to hear from you and would appreciate it if you would contact us.


Help your company in Twisk, Abbekerk or Robbenplaat get ahead financially with an accountant from accountancy firm Silvis & Vos.

For your company in Abbekerk, Twisk or Robbenplaat the choice for an accountancy firm in Middenmeer is very understandable. We are located close to your company and know a lot about the region. If you do not yet know us as an accountant, please be aware that we are known to other companies in the province of Noord-Holland:

  • no-nonsense mentality and commitment
  • professionalism in accountancy
  • proactive service
  • flexibility and decisiveness
  • commitment to our clients

Can we do more for you? Contact us for an introductory meeting!

Are you looking for the solution to an entrepreneurial problem? Are you interested in financial services? Call 0227 – 504050 , mail to or fill in our contact form. If you leave us your details and give us an insight into your business, we will call you back quickly so that we can help you move forward!